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  • Green Kalahari
  • Family Passion
  • Orange River Valley




    Discover Bezalel Estate in the
    Heart of the Green Kalahari





    experience flavours born from
    Family Passion





    Forged by the sun-kissed
    Orange River Valley...

About Us

Discover the Estate

Bezalel Wine & Brandy Estate is situated in one of the most unique vine growing regions in the world.


Bezalel Wines, South Africa

Handcrafted Dry & Sweet Estate Wines

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Bezalel Brandies, South Africa

Pure Oak Matured
Potstill Brandy

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Bezalel Creams and Liqueurs

Delicious Creams
and Liqueurs

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Bezalel Infusions


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Bezalel Estate Venue

Weddings & Events
Your Dream... Our Pleasure

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